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Strategy X Overlap 

Transform Your Organization with

Overlap's holistic approach to Strategic Planning and Implementation puts your customers, clients, staff, and community at the forefront of your strategy process.


We engage your most important stakeholders early in the process, inviting ideas and feedback to develop a durable plan that meets the real needs of the people you serve.


Meet Rachel Hofstetter 

Vice President, Strategy

Rachel is a strong leader with exceptional management, business and people skills. She’s a natural coach who inspires people to work collaboratively toward new outcomes, while developing organizational cultures that support continuous learning and innovation.

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Your Journey 

First, we start with research and discovery to understand your people's needs and behaviors. Then, we define a vision for the future, identifying the key areas that need to be transformed to achieve the desired outcomes.

Next, we engage your customers, clients, staff, and community in the strategy design process through co-creation. We use design workshops, focus groups, and other engagement methods to get feedback and ideas from the people who matter most.

Through a series of strategic meetings and workshops, we develop insights and feedback gained from the research and customer engagement. Ideas to move past the obstacles and bring the vision to life are developed and tested with customers, clients, staff, and community to ensure that they meet their needs before implementing them.

Finally, we continuously improve the new plan and approach to implementation, incorporating feedback from customers and other people to ensure that they continue to meet their needs over time.

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The Process At-A-Glance

We deliver a personalized experience that connects with real needs and sets your organization up for increased client satisfaction, improved organizational outcomes and impact, and long-term success.


Webinar: How to Transform your Organization


On the last Thursday of each month, connect with strategy experts about how to unlock innovation with your next strategic plan during our free webinar and Q&A sessions. 


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What comes after your Strategic Plan?

Our Strategy Implementation Program is designed to facilitate the successful execution of a company's strategic plan by supporting alignment of the team, providing clarity on the goals, facilitating measurement, and encouraging emergent ideas.

Our program is built around five key pillars: alignment, clarity, measurement, engagement, and emergence. We provide regular team meetings and workshops to ensure everyone is committed to the plan, clear communication of goals and objectives, regular reporting and analysis of key performance indicators, strategies for improving customer engagement and satisfaction, and opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement.

By implementing our program, you can improve your chances of achieving your strategic objectives and driving long-term success.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's transform your organization together.

Stories of The Work

Engagement Informed Strategic Planning with Kitchener Public Library

The Kitchener Public Library is an outstanding example of what’s possible when a library grounds their strategy in community needs.

Strategic Planning with CMHA

How Overlap helped the Canadian Mental Health Association shift their perspective from treating illness to building wellness. 

How to Prepare for the Future Using Strategic Foresight

What might the future look like, 10, 20 years from now? 

How does your organization survive and thrive in that future?